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Business Areas

Earth Moving & Construction

Earth Moving & Construction

We supply counterweights, tanks, bucket and shovels along with a wide array of auxiliary components for excavators crawler cranes and wheel loader, backhoe loaders to the worlds largest OEM’s in earthmoving equipment. We currently serve to customers in India, North America and United Kingdom.

  • Counterweights: For Excavators & Crawler Cranes varying from 0.3 - 125 tonnes.

  • Hydraulic and Fuel Tanks: For Excavators Dump trucks & Compactors varying from 40 - 240 Litres.

  • Buckets & Shovels: For Excavators, Wheel loader& Backhoe loaders varying from 0.26 to 3.3 cubic meter volume.

  • Chassis Frames, Booms, Side Members and Track Frames:
    For Excavators & Backhoe loaders.

Road Compaction

Road Compaction

We supply Tanks, Chassis and Frames for Soil and Asphalt compactors.

We currently serve to the customers in India, North America, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Germany and Indonesia.

We ensure the Safety and Quality of our products by dispatching them in well designed pallets, metal trollies and boxes.

Compressors & Gensets

Compressors, Gensets & Pumps

Our forte lies in our experience of 40 years of developing and manufacturing Gensets, Acoustic canopies, Base frames and Under Carriages for Compressors, Gensets, and Pumps. Our products enable us to serve in India and North America.

  • Industrial canopies for reciprocating & screw compressors

  • Generators & pumps

  • Base Frames

  • Under carriage