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Why AutoMech

We commit to walking that extra mile for all our stakeholders. We are on a journey of continuously adding value to our solutions, hence we are continually improving ourselves. We engage with cutting edge technology in our manufacturing processes and empower our employees to grow. We live with the spirit of never giving up and being resilient in all situations. We have earned this credibility with all our stakeholders during our journey this far. We provide global exposure to our employees with our strong client base of multi-national companies. Our aspirations make us agile and adaptable. Our value system is fundamental to our existence and will continue to guide the way we conduct business.

Our Aspiration

Be a major supplier for fabrication solutions in the industry.

Extend our portfolio by developing several new products lines.

Integrate processes in order to provide complete solutions. 

Have the leading edge in the use of manufacturing technology.

Enhanced engineering skills for assisting customers with product design and development. 

Being a part of AutoMech Family

Our committed team make us the industry best.

Our culture of creating win win relationships and giving total commitment creates a great working environment. We strive to be adaptable to dynamic conditions while taking sustainable business risks. Our strength of being customer focused makes us one of the most preferred partners. 

Our ambition is to create a great workplace.

We have a simple model based on empowering people by creating an open and transparent atmosphere, while respecting and caring for people. This is an excellent tool for creating freedom, responsibility and accountability. We are thus able to create a culture of fun at work, with our focus on building diversity in ages, gender and culture. We actively practice and promote collaboration of cross functional working for creating learning opportunities.

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